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Printed Original Balloonstix – PE Material, Size: 60cm
Product World First Balloonstx, inflatable cheering stick balloon, was created in 1994 world first. It is long cylinder type vinyl balloons of 60cm long and 10.5cm wide, made of PE sheet. Balloonstix makes an entertaining sound effect 10 times louder than hand clapping when striking two of…
Printed Original Balloonstix – PE material, Size: 1m
Material : PE Size : 100cm long x 10.5cm wide Basic order quantity : Minimum Order Quantity to print: 1,000 pieces Printing : Photogravure, We use Pantone colors. Possible to print 1 + 1 color (front side +backside) to 4 colors on front side only. (maximum) Production deliv…
Plain colored Balloonstix – Small order, PE material
Basic order q’ty to print our Balloonstix is 500 ~ 1,000 sets, so you can choose any colors from our plain colored Balloonstix for small orders. 12 colors are available. Silk printing or stickers if necessary but various colors can obtain promotional effects. Material : PE …
PVC Balloonstix
PVC stopper is used for inflation while PE check-valve is used for original Balloonstix. PVC is solid and being used at baseball stadium in Korea. Material : PVC Size : 59cm long x 9.3cm wide Basic order quantity : Minimum order quantity to print: 3,000 sets (2 pieces= 1 set) 2…
Glittering Fantastix
The world's first inflatable stick balloon made of metallic sheet makes splendor and festive mood. They produce fantastic colors and more effective entertaining than original Balloonstix. Basic order quantity is 10,000 sets. For small quantity order, you can choose any color from our 6 diffe…