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Plain colored Balloonstix – Small order, PE material

Basic order q’ty to print our Balloonstix is 500 ~ 1,000 sets, so you can choose any colors from our plain colored Balloonstix for small orders. 12 colors are available.
Silk printing or stickers if necessary but various colors can obtain promotional effects.

Material : PE

Size : 60cm long x 10.5cm wide

Basic order quantity : any quantity you want

Colors :

Packaging :
Set packing: 2 pieces Balloonstx + 1 pieces straw + 1 OPP bag = set
Box packing: 1,000 sets in a box, Box size = 58cm x 38cm x 25cm, Box weight= 14.5 +/-0.5KGS

Price : Price is various per order quantity. Pls contact us.

How to buy : TEL: 82-2-745-8800 or Email us at
balloonstix@empas.com → Payment confirmation → Parcel delivery