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Printed Original Balloonstix – PE Material, Size: 60cm


World First
Balloonstx, inflatable cheering stick balloon, was created in 1994 world first. It is long cylinder type vinyl balloons of 60cm long and 10.5cm wide, made of PE sheet. Balloonstix makes an entertaining sound effect 10 times louder than hand clapping when striking two of these together. Balloonstix is very popular product and hot seller nationally and worldwide for sports cheering, sales promotions, campaigns, and festivals where necessary in attracting visual, auditory, and advertising effects.

World Best
We created a new cheering culture in various sports activities worldwide. Full automated production system is installed to supply high-quality Balloonstix at a low price. We will do our utmost best with our sincerity.
Republic of Korea Patent registration: 10-0786380 / 0786381

Use & Effects
Corporate P/R, Product sales promotions and giveaways - Excellent attracting public eye, and advertising effectiveness
Opening festivals, Concerts, Campaigns - creating a festive atmosphere, forming unity
Cheer for Athletic Competition, Picnic game tools - directing a fun and exciting atmosphere
Cheer for Baseball, Football, and fan service - making unique audio-visual advertising effectiveness

Check Valve - easy way to inflate
Maintaining and blocking air is a life of inflatable products, and our Balloonstix check-valve maximized our ability to maintain blocking air. It dramatically improved performance of the inflatable products and has brought many changes in production. Now, foreign customers also recognize the importance of check valve, and they are sending a lot of compliments to our Balloonstix, Made in Republic of Korea.

How to inflate and re-usable
Check valve is a thin two-ply vinyl, affixed on the Balloonstix. Insert the straw and blow air through check-valve as hard as possible. Without a special locking device, check-valve is automatically blocked. Very convenient. Base material, PE itself, has a little air transmission after a white, but Balloonstix can be refilled through check-valve.

Material : PE

Size : 60cm long x 10.5cm wide

Basic order quantity : Minimum Order Quantity to print: 500 sets ~ 1,000 sets

Printing : Photogravure, We use Pantone colors.
Below 5,000 sets – maximum 4 colors possible (front + backside in total)
Over 5,000 sets – Full color printing is possible (from CMYK to 7 colors)

Production and delivery : Product design (AI file) → film, copper plate production → Printing → processing → Packaging → Transportation.
Delivery for 1,000~10,000 sets - one week
Production schedule can be adjusted per your event schedule. Required separate consultation.

Packaging : Set packing – 2 pieces Ballloonstix + 1 piece straw + OPP bag= set
Box packing – 1,000 sets in a box, Box size = 58cmx38cmx25cm, Box weight = 21.5+/-0.5KGS

Price : total production cost ÷ produced quantity = Unit price.
Price is various per imprinting colors and order quantity. Pls contact us.

Background for birth of Balloonstix, World First

Q. Inflatable cheering stick balloon, who developed the world's first?
A. 1994 Professional Baseball team, LG Twins, used this inflatable cheering stick balloon in the Korea Series for the first time in the world.

In September 1994, one of professional baseball teams, LG Twins’ Marketing Director, Mr. In-yang Kim, (now working for Korea KBL Basketball League 2013 present) and President of Kisung Ad Business, Mr. Cheol-ho Kim, (now CEO of BalloonStix Korea Co., Ltd.), faced each other at the pre-meeting for the Korea professional Baseball series to discuss about cheering items. Mr. Cheol-ho Kim suggested an idea reducing the existing bar size by half instead of one long size in 100cm, then two bars will make an bigger sound when striking these two short pieces, and it was actually much louder than hand clapping, and also it solved bursting problem by striking folded one. LG Twins became a Korea series champion in that year. Thus, it became 65cm long, 2 pieces short bars from October 1994, Korea Professional Baseball series used this inflatable cheering bar for the first time. It is now called, Balloonstix.