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1994 Created stick balloon for sport cheering, World First.
Established sports events supplies firm under the name of Kisung Ad Business by Cheol-ho Kim.
1995 Supplied all professional sports teams in Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Volleyball, etc. in Korea.
Exported Korean cheering culture to famous sports teams in USA, Japan, Europe, South America etc.
1996 Developed to commercialize in Character balloon using check-valve the 1st time in Korea.
Selected and supplied as representative cheering product for Korean Team in Atlanta Olympics.
Participated to Seoul Int’l Premium Show every year since 1996.
1997 Started a Sport Licensing business for inflatable products and cheering products.
Supplied to Pro-Baseball teams, Lotte Giants, Haitai Tigers (1997, 1998).
1998 Supplied balloonstix to Korean teams at Nagano (Japan) Winter Olympic & Bangkok (Thailand) Olympic.
Licensee for cheering products in KBO (Korean Basketball League-1998, 1999).
2000 Licensee for cheering products in KBL and LG AD (2000-2002)
Supplied balloonstix to Korean teams at Sydney (Australia) Olympic.
2001 Licensee for inflatable products in Korea National Football Team (2001-2002).
Licensee for LG Twins (2001-2002).
Operated sporting goods shops in Jamsil Baseball Stadium, and managed shops for SAMSUNG Thunders, and SK Knights in Jamsil Basketball Stadium (2001-2002).
2002 Licensee for cheering products in KIA Tigers.
Licensee for apparel in KBL.
Strong influence nationwide with our stick balloons during 2002 Korea/Japan Word Cup Games.
Supplied our balloon sticks to Busan Asian Games and Salt Lake Winter olympics.
2003 Business partnership with Kashiwara Japan.
Expanded production facility in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do and started to sell new product, Blu Ice.
Corporate name changed to BalloonStix Korea Co., Ltd.
2004 Supplied balloonstix to Korean teams at Athens(Greece) Olympic.
Participated Hong Kong Gift & Premium Show (2004~2005).
Installed control machine with 3 sides sealing.
2005 Supplied balloonstix to Korean teams at Innsbruck (Austria) Winter Universiade & Izumar (Turkey) Summer Unversiade Games.
World First, developed antibacterial nano-silver icepack.
World First, created full color (8 colors) imprinting technology on stick balloon.
2006 Supplied balloonstix to Korean teams at Doha (Qatar) Asian Games & Torino (Italy) Winter Olympic.
2006 Germany World Cup (accumulated total sales over 80 million sets of balloonstix).
Developed and installed automatic check-valve input machine.
Developed Air-flag and patented.
Developed fully automated water injection machine for ice pack.
2007 Developed air-cushioning item for special packaging.
Special featured package launched at domestic market.
Secured the technical cooperation of Nano-silver roll mat icepack and launched at domestic market.
Licensee for balloonstix in KFA(Korean Football Association).
2008 Antibacterial ice pack was specified and used to many local foods suppliers.
Supplied balloonstix to Korean team at Peking (china) Olympic.
Expanded production facility of icepack.
2009 Developed antibacterial nano-silver Boots Keeper and patented.
2010 Developed Oxygen Fresh Pack and patented.
2010 South Africa World Cup (accumulated total sales over 100 million sets of balloonstix).
2011 Developed antibacterial PCM(Phase Change Material) pack - exclusively supplied to Lotte department store.
Enterprise resource planning ERP system was introduced.
Developed cooler bag for takeout only.
2012 Supplied colorful designed icepack to 2012 Expo at Yeosu, Korea.
Selected as best icepack supplier to Hankuk Yakult.
2013 Automated machine facility for ice pack was additionally completed.
Annual cheering products supply contract with Korea Wrestling (Ssireum) Association.
Promotional supply contract with Energizer Korea.
2014 Supplied 300,000 pieces cheering products to Hyundai Motors during Brazil World Cup.
Developed and supplied Ssid-bong (name of character balloon) for FC (Football Club) Seoul.
Developed and supplied Cool Retention Bag with handle.
2015 Developed small-sized ice pack for take-out use and expanded production facility for ice pack.
Signature ball manufacturing and supply (China OEM)
2016 Expanded production facilities for balloons. (small quantity order in full-color printing available)
Delivered balloons to Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via Korean Olympic Committee.
2017 Produced and supplied Signature balls to 13 professional soccer teams, 4 basketball teams, 2 volleyball teams, and 6 handball teams.
Became the largest supplier of signature ball in Korea.